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"We are the orginal Northern Sky Obedience Academy. Although imitation is the highest form of flattery, we have been serving Boyne City, Charlevoix, Petoskey, Indian River, Mackinaw City, Soo Sault Marie, Traverse City and their surrounding areas since 2004 and amassed a solid reputation you can rely on to give your dog the training results you are looking for"



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professional dog training "Harley" reunited with his family after 30 days of training

Northern Sky Obedience Academy Inc. is based in Charlevoix, Michigan. We provide the residents of Charlevoix, Petoskey, Boyne City, Harbor Springs, Traverse City and their surrounding areas with professional individualized dog training services. We offer a diverse selection of dog training classes, in fact we have the largest selection in Northern Michigan, there's something for everyone and something sure to fit your budget.


Northern Sky Obedience Academy's one on one class format gives you and your dog the special attention you may not receive in a group setting.


G. Ann Amick,CPT offers you the opportunity to own a well manner pet, one you'll enjoy spending time with and be proud to take anywhere.


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Are you the owner of a dog who won't come when called, is uncontrollable on walks, reacts negatively toward other dogs, jumps on guests or dashes out doors? Would you like effective humane training with long lasting durable results? Northern Sky Obedience Academy's professionally trained and certified dog trainer will evaluate your needs, help train your pet and provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to reinforce your dog's positive behaviors in the real world. We create special relationships between dog owners and their pets, ones that will surely last a lifetime.


Dogs are unique individuals, and justlike people, they learn in different ways and at different paces. What works for one dog may not be always be the best approach for another. Simply put, there is no one way to train ALL dogs. We customize our training to fit the individual dog's personality. This individualized approach takes an experienced versatile dog trainer, one who has studied canine behavior, various training methodologies, learning theory, dog psychology, breed traits and instinctual canine drives. A trainer who learns from  top canine professionals. Unlike other trainers, our professional trainers have the ability to train, not only in obedience but more advanced speciality training as well. We're not your average dog trainers! 


In the state of Michigan dog training is not a regulated profession and there are no requirements for trainers to prove their ability to train dogs or to become certified - basically any one can call themselves a professional dog trainer. Northern Sky Obedience Academy's dog trainer proved her training skills,was recognized and certified by the Ohio State Board of Education in the following areas;


Behavior Modification

Eliminating problem behaviors through a change in perception


           Basic, Advanced and Off Leash Obedience

  For family pets and working dogs 



Locating lost individuals 


   Personal/Owner Protection

Training for security purposes


   Scent Detection 

Training dogs to target and alert to specific ordors 


   Utility Training 

Conditioning and preparing search & rescue dogs and / or police k9's to safely navigate through potentially dangersous obstacles.

*This type of training also builds confidence in shy and fearful dogs


   Soft Mouth Retrieval

Preparing dogs to perform service dog type tasks which ultimately improve and enhance the lives of their disabled owners/handlers 


Puppy Development

Understanding the physical and mental developmental of puppies. What behavioral changes and challenges one can expect as a puppy matures. 


   Breed Identification and Traits 

How genetic and instinctual traits effect the training process.



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