Gaye Amick Dog Training 07900 Charlevoix View Dr. Charlevoix, Michigan 49720 *2023 updated name change to Gaye Amick Dog Training” formerly Northern Sky Obedience Academy
Gaye Amick Dog Training 07900 Charlevoix View Dr.Charlevoix, Michigan 49720  *2023 updated name change to Gaye Amick Dog Training” formerly Northern Sky Obedience Academy

We do it for the love of the dog!

A properly trained dog is a happy healthy pet, and nobody understands that better than Gaye Amick. Her goal is to provide you and your four-legged family member the best one on one dog training available in your area. All puppy and adult dog training services are individually tailored to fit your pet's personality and meet your needs.


While professional one-on-one dog training may cost more than conventional large group classes, the benefits greatly outweigh the additional investment. Large class environments seldom provide the results you desire due to the lack of individual attention.


The benefits of professional and individual dog training include:

* one-on-one training designed to meet your dog's personality, aptitude, social development, and your family's goals

* all the attention during your training session will be focused on you and your dog

* training sessions can be scheduled to match your calendar

continuing assistance is always available

* you will be working with a professionally trained and experienced dog trainer who is familiar with various training methods and problem-solving techniques.

* you and your dog will not get lost in the circus atmosphere of group sessions, club training or pet store classes




Whether your dog has a pedigree, was adopted from an animal shelter or neighborhood stray you fell in love with, Northern Sky Obedience Academy (now known as "Gaye Amick Dog Training" ) offers a full-line of dog training services designed to help make your best friend even better.


Leash Manners $65 improves your walking experience by eliminating your dog's pulling, lunging and tangling


Basic Manners/Obedience Skills $300 teach your pet new appropriate behaviors while eliminating negative behaviors. Your dog will learn to walk politely on leash in two positions, sit, down, stay and the foundation for a reliable recall (come).  Most problem behaviors can be addressed during your sessions without additional charges 


Advanced Obedience Training $300 prepares your dog for off leash freedom. We continue to work on the basics, work under higher distraction levels and at increased distances. As well as, introduce new skills like Sit and Down in Motion, which can be potentially life saving emergency commands.  *Basic obedience must be completed prior to starting Advance classes


Off Leash Freedom - Is the final step in the training process. We continue to assist you with all training mentioned in our Basic and Advanced sessions but at even greater distances to help you and your dog to enjoy life without the constraint of a leash.


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In addition to our obedience programs we offer a variety of specialty training including service and emotional support dogs.

Day Care

Why leave your pet home alone when it can spend the day with us! Our trainers will keep your dog's training fresh while providing walks, play time and lots of affection. This program is for any dog who has attended at least one session with us. 

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Board and Train 

Does your busy schedule leave you little time to attend classes? Are you thinking of taking a vacation? Northern Sky Obedience Academy will train your dog for you!  Whether it's a week or a month, Northern Sky Obedience Academy will cater to your dog's every need while providing the best possible training experience. Board and Train programs are fast, effective and economical alternatives to train your pet.


* Please note we are not responsible for any dogs refusing to leave!


Northern Sky Obedience Academy offers a large selection of Board and Train programs, each include free follow up sessions for you to learn what your dog has been taught. We also offer, should the need arise, free additional support. Our programs vary from ten to thirty days. *Any specialty training such as service dogs or scent detection require longer stays and included additional charges. 


Level 1 - (10-day program) Teaches your dog all basic on leash obedience skills including; sit, down, stay, loose leash walk (how to walk politely on leash without pulling or lunging), and builds the foundation needed for a reliable recall (come when called). Any problem behaviors such as jumping on guests, dashing out doors and excessive mouthing are addressed during this program too. Price includes 2 hours of private instruction on the day of pick up, two additional free follow up sessions, and unlimited support. 


Level 2 - (21-day program) Includes all skills listed in our Level 1 program plus additional training commands including an introduction to potential lifesaving Emergency Cues. Training in this program is conducted under higher levels of distractions and at increased distances. Our Level 2 program includes two hours of private instruction when you pick up your dog, two additional free follow up sessions, and continued support should the need arise. 


Level 3 - (30-day program) All skills listed in Level 1 and 2 are taught during your dog's stay. We begin to teach your dog what outdoor life can be like without the constraints of a leash. Level 3 includes a two-hour private go home lesson in order for you to learn what your dog has been taught, three additional free follow up sessions and continued support should the need arise.


**As with all aspects of dog training it is imperative you work with their dog at home to further develop and solidify off leash control. 

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