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   Northern Sky Obedience Academy Inc.Charlevoix, Michigan 49720Phone: 1-231-237-9510

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Apprentice Program

Northern Sky Obedience Academy provides those who wish to become dog trainers with more than a basic education; students are offered the knowledge and skills required for professional trainers. The broad scope of Northern Sky Obedience Academy's curriculum immediately prepares students to begin a full-time or part time career training dogs upon completion of our courses.


Northern Sky Obedience Academy's apprentice program was developed in 2004, the first program of its kind in Northern Michigan. This educational program prepares individuals for successful careers in dog training and canine behavior modification. Our instructors teach students who have an interest in improving the mental and physical wellbeing of dogs, their owners, and communities.  All subject matter offered in practical application, is conducive to the success of our students. Northern Sky Obedience Academy is dedicated to advancing the field and profession of dog training, we encourage each student to approach dog training as you would any other educational endeavor. If you start by having preconceived notions about dogs and dog training, there is a possibility that you will not be able to broaden your knowledge base.


At Northern Sky Obedience Academy, we believe fair and effective communication is key to improving and enhancing the relationship between dogs and people. We also believe the education of each dog must be approached on an individual basis. Each dog's training should be based on the dog's individual personality, past and present behavior, aptitude for learning, and the goals of the owner. We then address the varied approaches and methods to training dogs, which allow our students to have the ability to modify their approach in various situations. Professional dog trainers have a responsibility to understand that not every dog can fit into a singular method of training.


Professional dog training is a profitable and satisfying occupation whether as a career or second income. Our program specializes in teaching students obedience training, behavioral counseling, puppy development and customer relations. Advance train the trainer programs are available covering the retrieval, assistance dog training, tracking/trailing, and scent detection. Over 95% of our students take this course.


In addition, students learn the customer relation skills necessary to successfully counsel and instruct dog owners about behavior and proper handling skills.


At Northern Sky Obedience Academy, we are dedicated to working with dogs and training people who are interested in this rewarding career.


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