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Northern Sky Obedience Academy 


Puppy and adult dog training by an experienced professionally trained and certified instructor.


Serving Petoskey, Charlevoix, Boyne City, East Jordan, Indian River, Alanson, Traverse City, Harbor Springs and most of Northern Michigan

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Why do dogs roll in smelling stuff? One belief is that since dogs are predators that they are attempting to disguise/camouflage their own scent.  This is instinctual to hunt their own food. They would cover their scent with the excrement of another animal to be able to get closer to hunt.  Another belief is that a dog doesn't look at smells the same way we do. Our perfume is their stench. Their decomposing stuff is their perfume, especially after a bath.  A good roll in something smelly will get rid of the shampoo scent that we love, and they don't.  Another theory is that dogs enjoy sensory stimulations and may be prone to seeking such stimulation to an excessive degree.  Another reason they roll in obnoxious smelling material may be because they are simply expressing a mis-gotten sense of aesthetics.


Tear Stained Eyes? - Some breeds have a narrowing of the duct running between the nose and the eyes that cause the eyes to run almost constantly. This fluid interacts with bacteria found in the air and on the skin causing it to darken and turn a brownish color. This reaction can cause staining of the hair under the inner corner of the eyes.  Certain breeds are more prone to this than others; the Bichon Friese and Poodle are examples. Cleaning under the eye is an important part of your dog's daily grooming. If the discharge is not removed on a regular basis it can
build up and form a very hard crust that can get matted into the hair surrounding the eye. This is not only unpleasant to look at but removal of a mat under the
eye can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog.  Cleaning solutions specially formulated and designed to neutralize bacteria that causes staining and are geared towards light colored breeds. Always consult with your veterinarian regarding
proper care of your dog's eyes.



Chocolate found harmful to canines - Feeding chocolate to dogs has been found to cause toxic shock in 24% of the cases.


What is water intoxification? - Water intoxification is a condition that can affect dogs who ingest too much water while swimming. This potentially dangerous condition can cause bloat and even death.  Symptoms include gagging, lethargic behavior and excessive vomiting of water. If you suspect your dog is suffering from water intoxification please seek medical attention as soon as possible.


Shedding Problem? Rub your pet down with Huggie's Baby Wipes


Carpet odor and stains? Sprinkle on some salt to suck up urine. For older orders - use Vodka. The alcohol in the Vodka will kill the unpleasant smell.


Instead of Peanut Butter Stuff your dog's Kong or chew toys with Cream Cheese and freeze.


Puppy Chewing? Dogs dislike the smell of Old Spice After Shave Lotion, use it to keep puppies from the furniture where they like to sink their teeth. For leather furniture - apply a dab of BenGay, the smell will repel your pet and stop her from chewing.


Help ease canine flatulence - A small teaspoon of Dannon Yogurt added to each meal aids in digestion.


Coat lacking luster and shine? - add a teaspoon of Wesson Corn Oil to each meal.


What is Breed Specific Legislation - Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), is any law, ordinance or policy which pertains to a specific dog breed but does not affect any others. BSL can go beyond restrictions on or the prohibition of ownership of a certain breed or breed mixes within a specific area.  For example, some cities have prohibited the importation of certain breeds.  Restrictions have also been placed on the availability of home owners insurance of many breeds. BSL may also label or define certain breeds as "dangerous" or "viscous" based on breed alone even with no individual history of risk to people. Breeds included the legislation of some states include Boxer, Husky, Akita, German Shepherd Dog, Pit Bull, St. Bernard (just to name a few).



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