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   Northern Sky Obedience Academy Inc.Charlevoix, Michigan 49720Phone: 1-231-237-9510

Welcome to Northern Sky Obedience Academy Inc.

We do it all for the love of the dog by offering a variety of services, training options and flexible scheduling. There's sure to be something for everyone, something to fit your schedule and a program to fit any budget.  


Northern Sky Obedience Academy has always been a paw above the rest; not only in training results, but because we're dedicated to making your life a little easier. We offer flexible scheduling for our busy pet owners. 



Polite Leash Walking                                    $45.00 perhour                               


Some pet owners can teach a variety of skills to their dog but often have trouble teaching their dog to walk politely on leash. If this is the only area of difficulty you're having with your dog we're here to help. This intense one-hour class helps you eliminate your dog's inappropriate pulling, tangling and lunging on leash and in turn makes for a more enjoyable walk enjoyable for both you. Please note - Although most dogs respond well in only one session there are those who will require more.


Basic Obedience (six one-hour sessions) 



Basic obedience training is where you begin to discover your dog's full potential. Our professionally trained instructor will guide you through the process of teaching your dog how to walk politely on a loose leash, sit, down and stay. We'll also begin to build the foundation for a reliable recall (coming when called). Unwanted behaviors such as mouthing, jumping and dashing out doors will begin to disappear as new appropriate behaviors emerge. 



Advanced Obedience (six one-hour sessions)



Advanced obedience training is an extension our Basic Obedience package. This program begins where the basics left off and is designed to enhance your dog's skills by teaching him to respond at greater distances and during increasingly higher levels of distraction. Advanced obedience training is where we introduce potentially lifesaving emergency cues as we prepare your dog for its off-leash freedom.  Please note the Basic Obedience package must be completed before enrolling in this program.





Off Leash Training                                                                                      


The final step in the training process. Owners learn how to train their dogs to enjoy the outdoors without the worry. It's time to hang up your dog's leash so both of you can enjoy the world without worry.  *Please note basic and advanced training must be completed prior to any off leash sessions. 


Board and Train Programs (Boarding plus Training)                                 

$175 per night 

Board and Train programs are our most popular programs.  If your schedule leaves you little to no time to attend private lessons or group classes, this program is for you! Let us train your dog while you're vacationing instead of leaving your pet in a traditional boarding kennel atmosphere. Traditional kennels often lack the human interaction and mental stimulation a dog needs, loves, and thrives upon. When your dog stays with us it will enjoy several outdoor walks and play time in addition to obedience training. Select the level of training you'd like your dog to achieve and we'll do the rest!  All our Board and Train programs include free follow up sessions for you to learn what your dog has been taught and follow up support should the need arise. 


Board and Train Level 1 - We'll teach your dog to walk politely walk on leash, heel, sit, stay, down and introduce the come command. Problem behaviors such as jumping, door bolting, and lunging at strangers or other dogs will be addressed during your dog's stay. Owners will attend free follow up sessions to learn what their dog has been taught and how to incorporate their dog's new skill set into everyday life. 


Board and Train  Level 2 - All training in our Level 1 program is included and more advanced skills are introduced as we begin to work from greater distances and during higher levels of distraction. This extensive program is designed to prepare your dog for off leash freedom and the introduction to potentially lifesaving Emergency Cues. We will also continue your dog's recall skill (coming when called). Free follow up sessions are included to teach you what your dog has been taught.


Board and Train Level 3 - Off Leash Training  - All skills taught in Level 1 and 2 are taught during this program. Our Level 3 program was designed to help you achieve the off leash control you've been dreaming of for your dog.  *All owners must attend their free follow up sessions. This program includes free follow up sessions and three months of follow up support.  As with any dog training it is imperative owners work with their dogs at home to continue to build solid off leash control.


*Board and Train programs range from 10 to 30 days depending on the program you select - longer stays are necessary for specialty training in areas of Tracking, Soft Mouth Retrieval, and Service Dog training.


For a more details on our dog training programs see our dog training page


Service Dogs including Psychiatric Service Dogs

Creating working partnerships between individuals and their service dogs. A medical prescription from a licensed physician is required prior to enrolling your dog. The prescription will state your physician believes you may benefit from owning a service dog. All personal information is kept confidential to ensure your privacy, we adhere to the same laws as physicians and hospitals.  Teams must pass their final exams prior to receiving their "service dog" vest.

Pricing for service dogs varies due to the number of tasks the dog is trained to perform to assist and enhance the life of their owner. All service dogs are trained both on and off leash. Clients can personally train their service dogs under the supervision and guidance of our instructors or have their dog trained by Northern Sky Obedience Academy. All service dogs and their handlers must pass final exams and all public access tests prior to receiving their service dog vest.   





Elite Training Programs 

Tracking - Locating lost persons or preparing you and your dog for future search and rescue work. Tracking is also a "just for fun" outdoor activity.  If you love the outdoors, want to provide your dog with mental stimulation and exercise, or have an interest in future search and rescue work then this is the class for you! Basic thru off leash training must be completed prior to enrollment.


Soft Mouth Retrieval -  This program was developed for service dogs to retrieve items on command for their owner without damage. All stages of obedience training must be completed prior to task training 


Scent Detection - Training dogs to locate specific target scents (drugs, explosives, etc.). All stages of obedience training must be completed prior to enrollment.


Personal/Owner Protection -All dog and handler teams must be evaluated and approved by Northern Sky Obedience Academy. All dogs and their owners must complete our on and off leash obedience training programs prior this level of training. Handlers must agree to a criminal background check and supply Northern Sky Obedience Academy with personal references. All dogs must be temperament tested by our trainers have a health clearance certification from a licensed vet  prior to entering the PP training.  Please call for further information.


Other Services:


Litter Temperament Testing - We test the entire litter to pick the right pup for the right job, whether it's becoming a family pet or service dog.  


Puppy and Adult Dog Selection - Northern Sky Obedience Academy will help you take the guess work out of selecting the right pet for you and your family. If you're thinking of purchasing a puppy, we'll travel to the breeder's home!  If you're thinking of adopting a shelter dog, we'll visit the shelter! Our professional dog trainer will perform a 16-step evaluation of the pup/dog to help you determine if the dog is a good fit. Unfortunately, some breeders and/or shelters aren't familiar with this extensive testing process, which often results in placing pup or an adult dog in an incompitable home. Here's a few examples of misplacement; a shy and/or fearful dog will be miserable in a socially active home where entertaining is frequent.  A hyper overzealous dog will most likely drive a couch potato or the elderly insane with the excessive need for exercise.  Please schedule an appointment to discuss the ideal pet for you and your family. 





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