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Northern Sky Obedience Academy 

Lea S. Boyne City, Michigan - "Your training results are amazing"

M. and L. Miller Charlevoix, Michigan - "During our vacation, Jake suffered a seizure, Gaye knew exactly what to do and we came home to a happy and healthy dog." 


Mike W. and Lindsay M. Walloon Lake, Michigan - "Sadie listens to us both on and off leash. Our objectives and goals were successfully met and then some. We are very pleased with everything and couldn't be happier with how Sadie has responded to training"


Mark and Ella G. Petoskey, Michigan - "We enrolled our eight-month-old male German Shepherd in Northern Sky Obedience Academy. There were various types of programs offered but after meeting with G. Ann we determined that the best option for us was to board Luxor with her for one month of hands on around the clock training, which would consist of general obedience both on and off leash, voice commands and hand signals etc. At the end of the training, Mark and I met with G. Ann and Denise 2 to 3 times per week, so she could work with us with Luxor on what he had been taught and the correct ways to implement each command with complete confidence in ourselves. Along with this we were given print outs of diagrams and instruction on the various things Luxor had been taught, which were easy to assimilate when we were home working with Luxor. G. Ann and Denise met with us not only at Northern Sky Obedience Academy but also at our home and various areas we frequented when out with Luxor. Northern Sky Obedience Academy's commitment to positive-reinforcement based training techniques and the knowledge they provided us with has proven to be invaluable and has given both Luxor and ourselves a level of 100% percent trust and friendship with each other. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend G. Ann Amick"


Lori E. Apprentice Graduate Flint, Michigan - "I recently opened my own dog training business and wanted to thank you for providing me with the irreplaceable knowledge I needed to make my dream come true. Because of you I have the best job in the world! Please stop by and see us when you're in the area".


Donna and Richard W. Charlevoix, Michigan "My husband and I were clients of Northern Sky Obedience Academy. We tried unsuccessfully to train our Golden Retriever "Baby".  After eight months of frustration we took her to meet Gaye Amick. We immediately noticed a significant improvement after just one session, whereby Baby was already learning the concept of acting accordingly to our cues.  After six sessions Baby was trained to walk properly on leash, sit, lie down and stay. She even sits at intersections without being told! We are thrilled with the outcome, and as a result recommended Northern Sky Obedience Academy to our friends and family. Gaye Amick's training skills are remarkable!


John and Mary C. Petoskey, Michigan - "We just returned  from an extended vacation and I'm happy to report Odie needed minimal reminders. I think all the training of us (and Odie) has paid off! Thank you for supporting and training us to be better dog parents. You will be missed"


Susan R. Animal Behavior College Student  Roscommon, Michigan - "Thank you for  taking me as a mentor student and sharing your time and knowledge with me. You went beyond what I was expecting, and I greatly appreciate that. I feel more confident in myself after spending time with you"


Victoria M. - Petoskey, Michigan -"Gaye ans Lauren are patient and skilled instructors. If you do the work it works! Highly recommend their service."


Janel K., Indian River, Michigan - " We appreciate that you are in our lives. I know King loves to go everywhere and he's so much happier being challenged on a regular basis...Even if he never makes it as a service dog, this journey has been absolutely worth it. Thank you so much for being part of our lives."


Dawn and Dennis G. Paulding, Ohio - "People said sending our dog away for training would be a waste of money, boy we're they wrong, having River trained by Northern Sky Obedience Academy was worth every penny! We are very happy and amazed at River's training and how easy it was to learn how to maintain his training. Wonderful training and great people. They even send you progress videos! "


N. and R. Price Paulding, Ohio - "Thanks to you Harley is known around town as "that well-behaved German Shepherd", we love it!  We always incorporate his training into playtime and it's amazing how many people stop their cars to comment on his training. You did a wonderful job with him. We're thankful to our friends Dawn and Dennis recommending you to us.


Hank and Kelly K. Boyne City, Michigan - "Several other trainers were unable to help us - they had no clue how to deal with our Rottweiler's aggression. One trainer suggested we put him to sleep, another one just flat out refused to work with him and the final trainer was simply ineffective. Northern Sky Obedience Academy was the only place that actually helped us. We are amazed at the change in Jackson. He has since earned his CGC. Jackson could not have come this far without their help".


Linda S. Harbor Springs, Michigan - "I can't thank you enough for the change you have made in Mango, it's no longer a nightmare for me to walk her!"


David J. Petoskey, Michigan - "Several of my friends took their dogs elsewhere to be trained and were very disappointed, within a few weeks their dogs regressed despite their continued efforts to maintain the training. I commend the fine training that was given to my dog at your school, his training skills have remained as sharp as they were the day I picked him up!".


Brenda and Bill G.  Alanson, Michigan - "Luke was totally out of control. We worked with another trainer for months, two weeks after his training was finished he bit a man. I heard about you from one of our boarding kennel's staff. When you told us you could help us, we had our doubts. We turned him over to you for one month of training and he's a different dog. I can't tell you how much our lives have changed. You're the best!".

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